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Help us Save the Bees!

We offer environmentally conscious live removal of honey bees and a range of services for all other types of bee. Bee removal serving all of Northeast and Central Ohio


Have a Swarm?

We are dedicated to saving honey bees and can offer an open and honest assessment of your situation and let you know if they can be saved. Not a swarm? Because we specialize in bees, we are able to offer low prices and specialized knowledge.


We take care of wasps and hornets too

Rather than choose an exterminator who will just spray, choose an expert who can determine if they can be saved. If it's not honey bees? We can take care of them too. By focusing only on bees, we have developed an expertise unsurpassed in the industry.

What we do

Services Offered

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Swarm removal for honey bees and options for live removal on established nests.

Extermination services for all other types of bees. If it has wings and stings, we cover it. Call us for a quote

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

As a local company, we operate with low overhead, passing the savings on to you


Competitive Pricing


Q: How do I know if they are honey bees?

A: We are experts at being able to identify the different types of bees, often even over the phone. Feel free to call and we can give you a range of options

Q: What do we do with the honey bees we remove?

A: Honey bees removed by us are taken and placed into our hives or other beekeepers' hives. 

Q: What if they are not honey bees?

A: By choosing an expert, we are able to treat any kind of stinging insect. 

Q: Should I try and take care of them myself?

A: You should always consult a professional when dealing with stinging insects. Because honey bees look so similar to yellow jackets, many people cannot tell the difference. Do not accidentally kill the wrong kind of bee when we can help.

Q: Should I seal the bees out from a wall?

A: NO! Many people have a misunderstanding that they can seal the cracks in a wall in order to keep bees out. However if you are seeing bees flying around an area, that means they have already established their nest and you are actually sealing them IN. Since honey bees can reach a population of 50,000 and yellow jackets as many as 5,000, that is a lot of bees to seal in your wall and they WILL find a way out, often right into your home. Call a professional before doing this, as you do not want to make things harder for yourself.

Q: I woke up with a bunch of bees in my house, what happened?

A: Both Yellow Jackets and European Hornets are capable of eating through drywall in order to expand their nest. Eventually they make it all the way through and come pouring into your living area. This can be very scary to say the least! We offer emergency services when this happens and can offer quick and helpful advice over the phone until we can arrive. 

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